Raised in a deeply religious family, Mercy rebels against all rules during his teenage years. He stops attending church and drops out of high school.

To avoid a destined path of self-destruction, Mercy enlists in the Army. After two combat tours, Mercy returns home battling PTSD. Trying to forget about the lives that he has taken and resume a “normal” life, Mercy returns to church. He enrolls in college and reconnects with a childhood crush.

Mercy saved some of his men. Can he save himself?


“One of the best books I’ve read in a long time! I never wanted this book to end! It’s the kind of book that stays with you long after you’ve finished reading — there is such a great depth of character development that they all felt so real, as if they were friends I’d known for years.”

~ Amazon Reviewer

Not a soppy ‘New Adult’ Varsity romance as the book title suggests – but an open-eyed look at a US war veteran, suddenly invalided out of active service and having to go back to college whilst dealing with PTSD when virtually everyone he meets has no idea what he’s going through. Now he has to learn how to ‘survive’ civilian life. I really enjoyed this book.”

~ Amazon Reviewer

“This book is a great read because the characters are well developed, the military scenes offers a front row to what soldiers face on a daily basis, and it will make you reflect on your life and realize that it is never to late to turn dreams into realities.

~ Amazon Reviewer