January 2018

I hope 2018’s goals and dreams are still successfully in progress.

January 2018 is almost over and I feel great about the second novel’s direction.  One of my main characters is a nerdy, hopeless romantic.  This researcher/scientist is an Al Green lover and her theme song is “I’m Still in Love with You”.  She is a millennial (for now).  When she laughs, she sort of cackles like a witch.  Nerve wrecking is how I describe this exploratory stage of the writing process but I am having fun.

While on this journey to become a known “name” author, there is still opportunity to be an “incognito” observer of life.  With no celebrity, I can listen and experience people and their nuances unnoticed. It is interesting to enjoy the various rhythms of speech and observe the diverse body languages.  Sounds like I’m a stalker but I’m not.  I’m just a student of people trying to understand what makes each individual unique.

One other piece of good news to share is a book review from the UK.  This past week, Sue Hampson, a UK book blogger shared her thoughts on Mercy’s First Semester.  Her review was shared by 41 bloggers!  940 people viewed her review on her FB page!

Be well.